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Golden Myanmar Airlines

Golden Myanmar Airlines

Golden Myanmar Airlines is the first Myanmar Aviation Public Company established in July 2012, has grown to be Myanmar’s leading domestic and international low cost carrier. It is with great honor to announce the formation of Golden Myanmar Airlines—as people oriented carrier. In our first steps, we are determined to reach the pinnacle of the airline industry in Myanmar. We are dedicated to deliver outstanding in-flight service, superior onboard products, and operational excellence. Most importantly, we are dedicated to our customers as our motto “every day we do is for your satisfaction”.


Our Vision

  • To be leading international airline that offers safe, reliable and affordable air service.


  • To fulfill the needs of the Myanmar Aviation market in the fast growing Myanmar Economy.
  • To set a new standard for air service and professionalism both within the target market region and beyond, and to achieve high load factor and profitability by offering competitive fares and quality service at minimum cost.
  • Our VALUES are C.A.R.E


We are proud of our commitment to

  • quality service
  • efficiency
  • customer satisfaction


We can be trusted to take action for

  • safety concerns
  • customer needs
  • contingencies


We take responsibility for our customers

  • security
  • safety
  • welfare


We strive for excellence in

  • services
  • expertise
  • operations