Festivals in Myanmar

Kayin New Year Festival (Kayin State)

Kayin New Year day is a National Public Holiday in Myanmar. Traditional Kayin costume was worn by most of the celebrants at the events. Many young and old Kayins wear their traditional colourful dresses and go around the city, visit relatives and enjoy the festival. In Hpa- An...

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Tazaungmone Festival( Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone)

Tazaungmone in Myanmar Calendar is the month of November. It is among the 12 months when the rainy season ends and winter comes in. At that time. in Myanmar. the seasonal Khawei flowers are in full bloom. On the night of full moon day of Tazaungmone. 9.999 candles...

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Hot-air balloon Festival (Taunggyi - Shan State)

Taunggyi is the capital of the Southern Shan State and it lies 1.430 meters above the sea level and has a moderate climate. The most significant festival is the annual Tazaungdine Lighting Festival which is around October and November. Lu Ping festival commonly known as hot balloon festival...

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Kahtein Thingan Offering

Kahtein Festival is held annually. after the duration between the Full Moon Day of Thadingyut and the Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone. The Kahtein robe offering and donation of Kahtein tree or the Padaytharpin are also another famous act in Myanmar.

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Matho Thingan Festival (Yellow Robe Weaving Festival)

This festival of Tazaungmon is an auspicious time for offering of yellow robes to the monks. The Buddha’s mother. reincarnated as a god in Tavatimsa. perceived from her heavenly abode that her son would soon be discarding. the royal robes and wearing a monk’s garments. She wanted to...

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Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Festival (Mon State)

The famous legendary Pagoda on the Golden Rock about 160 Km from Yangon and 11 km of hiking from the base camp at Kyaikhto. Visitors can also go by car up to a point about a mile away from the Pagoda. This pagoda is situated on a rocky...

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