Myanmar Food

Myanmar Traditional Food

Mohinga & Ohn-no-Khaukswe

The basic Myanmar food is mainly rice and curry. “Mohinga”, rice noodles with fish grapery; and “Ohn-no-Khaukswe”, noodle with coconut and chicken curry are popular Myanmar dishes for beakfast and light meals.

Laphat (the pickled tea leaves)

Laphat is a delicious Burmese vegetable and nut salad. “Laphat is actually the sauce mixed in with the salad. It’s essentially a pesto made of tea leaves instead of basil.
The Laphat (pronounced with short clipped vowels) salads that I ate consisted of sliced small green tomatoes, sliced raw cabbage, broad beans, sesame seeds, peanuts, a dash of squid sauce, oil and laphat.
All the ingredients are tossed together in a bowl then mixed together by hand (literally). Usually a few more nuts are tossed on top after the salad is placed a small plate. Eat it alone, with rice or as an accompaniment to your main meal.

Mont Sein Paung

Burmese “Mont Sein Paung” (steamed rice cake), and “Mont LeikPyar” (hin rice dough skins with a center filled with jiggery and coconut, and folded in squares).


Burmese Wrapped Bananas (Kauknyintok). Bananas steamed in a banana leaf with coconut cream and sesame seeds.

Shwe Yin Aye

Shwe Yin Aye is one of the popular Myanmar (Burmese) traditional desserts, that is sweet am soft. This is sweet , creamy, simple to prepare and easy to cook. This is a recipe a lot of people have been looking for how to make “shwe yin aye”; I hope it’s what everyone wanted. In a bowl, combine small boiled sago, agar jelly, bread, sugar, coconut cream, sticky rice and ice cube. A simplest dessert recipe is also delicious and cooling on a hot day.

Mont Let Saung

Mont Let Saung is a Burmese dessertthat is made from tear drop rice shake, some tapioca (optional), coconut milk and the plum sugar syrup.

Mont Lone Ye Baw

Burmese “Mont Lone Ye Baw” are small glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with palm sugar. Mont Lone means rice balls/dumplings and Ye Baw means floating on water. The name originates from the way you have to cook Mont Lone Ye Baw; you roll the rice dough into balls, boil them in water and they float up when they are ready.

Kauk Mote

“Kauk Mote” (Burmese Folded Pancake of Red Beans & Coconut).

San Nwin Makhin and Kyaukkyaw

There are a variety of desserts like “San NwinMakhin” ( Myanmar sweet cake) and “Kyaukkyaw” (Sea weed jelly) jiggery.

A Kyaw Sone

“A Kyaw Sone” includes variety of things which are deep fried like onion, potato, peas, banana, gourd, shrimp and so on. It is not only delicious but also nutritious unless refined oil is used. It’s not expensive as well! The most important thing for “ A Kyaw Sone” is its sauce. Not everyone can make the best sauce even though they can fry others easily. Myanmar people choose where to eat it based on the taste of sauce that the shop can provide. And plain tea also plays an important role for having “A Kyaw Sone”. For a Myanmar, having a plate of “A Kyaw Sone” with a pot of plain tea together with friends in a pleasant evening is one of the perfect things in life!
Myanmar is also a country of seafood. Crabs, Prawns, lobsters and other shellfish are among the popular dishes available at most Myanmar and Chinese restaurants in Yangon and in other parts of the country.

Typical Myanmar Restaurants serve both meat and vegetable dishes. Most Restaurants in Myanmar serves Chinese and Indian food. Other Asian food includes Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Singapore- style. Europe food is served mostly at the hotels and there are a couple of restaurants in Yangon serving Italian and French cuisine. There are several fast food centers and snack bars in Yangon and Mandalay.